Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 29 to April 2, 2014, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Each country we have visited has it's own unique driving style and Uruguay is no different. Here, as in Argentina lane drifting is commonplace and it could take a few car lengths or a few blocks to complete a lane change, usually the later. It's not unusual for a driver to stop with their car straddling two lanes to talk or text on their cell phone. Another one is when a car passes a motorcycle they just barely miss clipping your leg as they pass. Other motorists on the other hand are very polite and frequently we are given the thumbs up signal, a wave or a short honk of the horn and some even pull close to us and talk while waiting at a red light. They are always impressed that we have driven all the way from Canada.
 La mano en la arena (hand in the sand) on one of the many beaches in Punta del Este.
Punta del Este is a resort city about 2 hours north east of Montevideo. We arrive here at the end of their summer season and the place is extremely quiet with many of the businesses closed for the winter season. We've spent 4 of 5 days at the beach just relaxing and watching the surfers and kite surfers, also doing lots of walking as the boardwalk and sidewalks follow the ocean front for miles. There are many high rise condo's for sale and we've seen prices from 100,000 to over a million USD.

Tomorrow we return to Buenos Aries as we need to meet with the shipping broker on Friday to finalize plans for the return of the bike to either Seattle or Vancouver. Which city we chose will be determined by cost and space availability on an airplane.


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