Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 1-4, Santiago, Chile, 28 degrees C.

We've taken a few days rest in Santiago in preparation for the next leg of our adventure which will be a loooong haul to the far south of South America. The following are photo's of the old district of Santiago which has some spectacular architecture.
We went to the BMW dealer here in Santiago only to be frustrated again with the lack of service, no signal light bulbs, no front tire and no lock plugs. We found a Heidenau K60 Scout tire at Moto Adventura, they changed the tire in the showroom and had us back on the road in less than 30 minutes (hey BMW, this is what we call service).
New front tire should make the next leg of the journey a little safer as there is a fair amount of gravel roads in Argentina.

This afternoon at the hostel we met Mark who works with our son Kirk in Vancouver. Mark is riding a KLR650 and the plan is for us to ride south together before Mark turns west and north while we go east and north after Tierra del Fuego. Mark's plans are to return to Canada via South and Central America.

My debit card quit working about 4 days ago so we have resorted to running a credit balance on our credit card and taking a cash advance when needed. Once we know our arrival date into Buenos Aries we'll get a new card on the way from Canada.

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