Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 13, 2014, Rio Gallegos to Ushuaia, Argentina

The ride from Rio Gallegos would be a long one at 697 kilometers, a ferry ride, 2 border crossings and a 110 km stretch of gravel road. The first border, Argentina to Chile became a problem when both Mark and I didn't have an import document from when we entered Argentina over a week ago. We were advised that we were in Argentina illegally, and the agent had to phone the border where we originally crossed to confirm we had entered legally. Then, I get my raisins confiscated at the Chile border and need to re file my application for entry, all total 45 minutes to cross the border and get moving again. 
There are Gray Foxes everywhere.
We arrive at the ferry terminal and the ferry is on the other side of the inlet. We don't have loading privileges like motorcycles do on BC Ferries and are the last to board the vessel.
 Mark and I had to stay with the bikes as there weren't any wedges to stabilize them.
While at the second border crossing a biker from Brazil tells us to be careful as he spoke with a friend in Ushuaia this morning and there is 2 inches of snow through the Garibaldi Pass.
 Rain or snow on the horizon? Fortunately we missed most of the rain and all of the snow today.
 Finally, trees are starting to appear and block most of the winds.
 The scenery from Rio Grande to Ushuaia was a very nice change from the endless desert over the past week.
Entering the city of Ushuaia (11 hours later).

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