Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 14 BACK TO WORK in Medellin

We aren't feeling much better but decide we need to get some fresh air and decide to check out the Grainger store. Somehow I've loaded the incorrect address into the GPS and after searching for an hour and not finding the Grainger store I give up, enter the hotel address for the return trip and within 5 minutes there's the Grainger store. Pulling onto the sidewalk directly in front of the main entrance we park the motto with some others and go looking for someone who may speak English. We meet Sergio and he will be our translator as Clayton, the branch manager speaks little English. We spend an hour together getting a tour of the whole operation.
Sergio and Clayton in front of the branch report card.
Clayton and Ken in front of Medellin branch.
Before leaving Clayton has some pictures taken of him on and beside the bike.
Hey Rick, Can I submit an expense account for business travel to Columbia?
This short outing has left us exhausted and we return to the hotel for some rest and to prepare for our departure the next day.


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