Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26, 2014, Piura to Huanchaco, Peru

Had a slow start to our day as we slept in and didn’t get on the road until 10:30, I really needed the rest and yes, I am on vacation. The better part of the day was spent driving through a desert with some fairly large sand dunes and sand drifting onto the road in places. We had some fierce cross winds and even with sun glasses and my face shield totally closed I was getting sand in my eyes. The roads from Piura to Huanchaco were mostly good pavement with lots of construction in certain areas. On the good stretches of highway I was able to lock in the cruise at 110 km/h to make up for our late start.
 Desert between Piura and Huanchaco, Peru.
 Free range goats somehow manage to survive on the little vegetation that does grow in the desert.
 These sand fences along the side of the highway are about 12 feet tall and set on a slight angle into the wind.
We are starting to notice fuel shortages in Peru and even though our range is 450 kilometers we start looking for fuel when the tank is half empty. On the drive today we noticed a pilot truck leading ten semis with tankers of fuel all in a convoy. In some areas of the desert there are roadside tables with wine bottles lined up on them, it took me a while to figure it out but the bottles contain gasoline for sale should you not have enough to make it to the next gas station.
 Tuktuk's are everywhere in the city's and are an option to a cab.
In some areas the desert is being flooded and rice is being grown for as far as the eye can see.
Arriving in Huachuca about 5 pm the place is a mad house, thousands of people all over the streets and traffic is at a standstill. After making our way partially through town we grab a hotel for one night and set out on foot to search for something more economical and grab a bite for supper. This is a surfer’s hangout on the Pacific Ocean and the waves look awesome. By 9 pm the buses have taken most of the day trippers back to wherever they came from and other than some street entertainment and street vendors selling kabobs its getting quiet.


  1. wow what a whinner sand in the eyes and a warm wind, try an Alberta winter, we are off to Cancun on Thursday sand in the toes bikes still in the garage, put on your big girl panties Ken and enjoy the ride and remember you are not at work.

    1. Diana thinks I'm a whiner too, hope you and Candy have a great time in Cancun and enjoy the margaritas!

  2. You tell em Bert, Boy the scenery sure changed from all the jungle vegetation that you have been traveling through. Careful on those sand drifts, they can send you for a loop.

    1. You must be talking from experience on the sand? Another couple days of Pacific Ocean before we head inland to higher elevations which will probably mean rain every day.