Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 14th, 2015. Smithers to Vancouver

We arrived in Smithers last night and once again we notice the rear tire on Kirks bike is wearing fast. Kirk calls around and finds a set of Heidenau K60 tires at an independent shop who specializes in Harley Davidson Pan Head engines. Sam gets Kirks bike on the table and allows Kirk to observe and fully explains the process of dismounting the old rear tire and remounting the new one. While changing the front tire Sam points out that one of the wheel bearings is not turning smoothly so we have both changed out to ensure a trouble free ride home. If you need service while in the Smithers area then Eyecandy Custom Cycle is the place to go.

We are on the road again and seem to have left the rain behind and get a campsite at Ten Mile Lake near Quesnel.

July 15th. Another warm day as we make good time to Lilloet and take the Duffy Lake Road towards Pemberton. Between Pemberton and Vancouver the traffic becomes extremely heavy due to the Pemberton Music Festival taking place. Kirk and I part company in Pemberton as I need to catch the 5:20 ferry.

The boy did okay for his first moto adventure, 8500 km's in less than three weeks with exposure to many road surfaces, off road riding which included a water crossing and varied weather conditions. We met many great people along the way, had lots of laughs and look forward to another road trip soon.

Sorry that we didn't have any photos for the last few days.

Diana and I plan to ride Washington and Oregon in September and during that trip I'm sure will start discussing our next adventure. A few countries that we have talked about visiting are of concern right now due to the earthquake in Nepal and with Turkey being so close to Syria we hate to plan a trip there until things stabilize.


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