Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 9th, 2015 Whitehorse to Stewart

July 9th, 2015. It's off to Whitehorse this morning and the weather is looking like it may rain. Still a few road construction zones where the loose gravel forces us to slow our pace. At one point we are cruising along at 120 km per hour and around the bend we meet an oncoming RCMP truck, fortunately he is pulling a large flat deck trailer and would be challenged to do a u turn and catch us. By the time we reach Carmacks it's raining and continues all the way to Whitehorse where we take a hotel room rather than have all our camping gear get wet.

July 10th, 2015. Kirk has booked a flight seeing tour of the Kluane Park as a Fathers Day gift for me. We ride out to Haines Junction and set up camp at theTerritorial campground before getting groceries in town. We've decided to have our last campfire as we hear BC has a fire ban on due to the dry conditions there.

During a briefing with the pilot we learn that the weather will most likely prohibit us from flying over Kluane Glacier and Kluane Lake. Regardless of weather we decide to take to the sky to see the smaller glaciers and some wildlife. Were able to see a grizzly with 2 cubs, dall sheep, moose and black bear.

Kirk in front of the plane we were on.

Moose feeding in a pond.

July 12th, 2015. Once again we ride our last few hundred kilometers in the rain before arriving in Stewart, BC and take another hotel room. The last 65 km takes you down a valley with many glaciers on the left hand side of the highway. The melting glaciers have the creeks and rivers flowing at capacity and at one point Kirk questions if we should proceed in fear that we may get stranded if the road gets washed out.

The next morning we cross the border into Hyder, Alaska and travel up into the mountains and hope to get some photos of the Salmon Glacier and bears feeding on spawning salmon. It seems we're about a week early for the salmon and the cloud cover only allows for a few pictures of the glacier.

Salmon Glacier through the clouds.

Bear Glacier.

We grab a burger for lunch in Stewart and before we can increase the air pressure in our tires (should be paved roads from here to home) the clouds open up on us again. The rain is almost a daily occurrence and all we can do is laugh it off. Kirk is already talking about a hotel room for tonight in Smithers.

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