Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 23-24, Ixtapa, Mexico

We decided to take a few extra days in Ixtapa to relax and enjoy the beach life; Diana has gone from pasty white to a vanilla colored skin tone. Perhaps by the time we return she could have a beige color about her.

We’ve met a lot of people from all over the world including Nicolas from Beijing, China who we met in Lazaro Cardenas. Nicolas has a business in Mexico and is also a biker, having recently ridden Australia, Chile, and Argentina. He and some friends are in the process of planning a trip from China through Russia and extended an invitation should we ever decide to tour China on the motorcycle. The following photo is of Nicolas at the Dakar last year.

Nicolas at the Dakar Rally
On Sunday while relaxing at the pool at our hotel we met a couple of brothers in their teens from near Mexico City who were on vacation with their parents. Their English was very good and we had a few Peña Coladas and a few hours of laughter. They kept referring to me as Mr. Kenny from Canada. Axel and Allan had an awesome sense of humor and once we learned about their goals in life they quickly earned the names Axel Rose and Miami Allan. Allan didn’t know the English word for detective (his future career) and kept referring to the TV show CSI Miami, hence the name Miami Allan.

Me in Shower with Jacket to Wash Off Diesel and Antifreeze
Later in the evening we watched some of the Grey Cup, (way to go Saskatchewan) and went to what has become our favorite eatery to date. Lido our waiter at El Camaron Azul recommended the red snapper which was awesome and at 135 pesos a real bargain. Lido also told us about the hurricanes which had torn through the coastal area in September and October of this year.

Bike at Car Wash

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