Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 28, 2013 – Salina Cruz to Huixtla

Not a good night for either of us, Diana and I are dehydrated as we both spent the night visiting the bathroom. We both had the same fish dinner last night and suspect it was the fish or lettuce, how many times does a gringo need to be told not to eat lettuce in Mexico? We probably won’t have lettuce now till we return home.


Mexican Road Train

Our laundry isn’t ready because someone’s command of the Spanish language meant our laundry wasn’t ready to go when we were. Finally at 11 am we are on the road but dealing with extremely high cross winds again and are limited to how fast we can travel even though the highway is the best we’ve seen since entering Mexico. At a road side stand we bought some freshly picked mandarin oranges and some type of apple which were both great as we don’t seem to get enough fruit in our diet. For the second time this week we are without a hotel room and it’s turning dark. After cruising the streets, the only room we can find is at a hotel that rents by the hour but Taylor’s dead set against staying as he has already experienced this once. Off to the Pemex gas station for advice again, between the 6 or 7 employees and a customer we learn the name of a hotel near the center of town and attempt to find the Don Carlos Hotel. Once found we take a room with A/C, excellent Wi-Fi which we haven’t seen for a number of days now. Tomorrow morning we are off to Guatemala and get to adapt to a new currency, just when we had the Mexican peso conversion mastered.


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