Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November 27, 2013 - Rio Grande to Salina Cruz, 27 degrees, 65% humidity

Its 6am and our hotel which is in downtown Rio Grande shares a courtyard with a food vendor who apparently enjoys loud music and within 30 minutes a truck with a PA system is driving around the block promoting the days specials starting with breakfast items including prices for each item. Since I am awake I’ll start on today’s blog, my bed is against a window that goes from floor to ceiling and can watch the sunrise over the mountains to the east. The bikes are also visible from my bed which made it convenient to check on them throughout the night. We were on the road about 8 am and needed to get to Salina Cruz in order to make up for lost time yesterday. We now have a morning routine, after loading the bikes we head down the highway and refuel the bikes at a Pemex gas station. The Pemex most often has an Oxxo convenience store where we have a breakfast that consists of a muffin or yogurt and according to Diana the only decent coffee in Mexico.

Cattle Drive
The ride today was a little cooler with lots of road construction in the morning and extremely high winds in the afternoon as we approached the coast. At one point while preparing to pass a truck we are following something black appears from under the truck and I have no time to swerve, hitting what I think is a dog with the front tire. All I can see in my rear view mirror is 2 or 3 black objects as Taylor swerves to miss what he thinks was a vulture.

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