Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 10, 2013, Santa Maria de Jesus

This afternoon we went to visit a family who had a house built by Constru Casa 8 years ago after their cane home burnt to the ground when a candle tipped accidently igniting the cane walls. This family consists of father, mother,  nine children ( the two youngest are twins) grandmother, grandfather, and brother and sister in law living on a piece of property about 15 x 15 meters. The father had previously lost his job and they had no savings to rebuild the house. When the school director heard of their misfortune he put Constru Casa in touch with the family and an agreement was made to build the house and the family would contribute their time on other projects in the community to work off the debt. The family was very appreciative of the assistance from Constru Casa and volunteers who helped build the house and told us how much healthier his family was since moving into the new house. In the cane house they always had water running through the house when it rained and even mud slides. The new home although not earthquake proof is designed to be structurally stronger than an adobe style house. The stronger design has 3 rows of blocks below grade with a concrete slab poured on top of the blocks and the block walls are built on top of the slab with everything tied together with rebar.
A number of times this man asked why people who didn't know him or his family would come from afar to build a home for his family and now a school so his children could receive an education.
 Corn drying in the yard, once dry the kernels are removed from the cob and stored or ground for flour.
 Block construction house, 1 bedroom with 2 double beds, family room, and bathroom with toilet and shower stall.
 Eight year old daughter posing outside cane building used for storage.
Inside the family room with father, mother, Mildred, and niece.
Cane building on right is the kitchen and cooking is still done with firewood.

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